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If you are just starting to think about how the GDPR will impact your SME then a GDPR Assessment is the quick way to begin to take action.

What does the GDPR Assessment Involve?

We will meet with you onsite and first agree together the scope of the GDPR Assessment. It may be that you have already identified areas to focus on, such as unstructured data or your Privacy Policy etc. Or you may prefer a general review of all GDPR requirements.

During the Question and Answer review we will identify your weak, high risk and critical data processes and systems. We use a Lean Six Sigma based approach to cover the GDPR and check each area for compliance.

We suggest setting aside about four hours to complete the GDPR Assessment.

What is the outcome of the GDPR Assessment?

We will provide you with a report that outlines GDPR control and process risks.  Armed with this information you will be able to decide exactly what the next steps will be to move your business to GDPR compliance.


Identify all personal data in your business.  Can you define where is it stored? Is it all classified correctly?


Can you list processes and procedures for personal data governance? Do you know if Check if data subjects are informed of processing requests? Can you mmeasure if Stop Data Processing requests are executed effectively or if you are gaining clear affirmative consent from data subjects?


Have you analysed if Data Rectification Requests and Data Subject Requests are managed effectively? Are Data Deletion Requests  responded to appropriately?Can you manage data portability requirements and data processing? What about automated data processing processes? Do you know if a (DPO) Data protection Officer is needed? Have you reviewed risk management for personal data?


How can you improve by assessing against Data protection by Design and Default? Have you leveraged encryption to secure personal data and have you bench-marked against confidentiality, integrity & availability? How will you manage and respond to data breaches? Should you improve security with testing and spot checks?


Are you controlling 3rd party providers effectively? Have you reviewed compliance requirements for record keeping? Do you need to manage the impact of transferring data outside the EU? Should you conduct (DPIA) Data Protection Impact Assessments?

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